Being in business for over 38 years, OK Originals understands the demands of today's marketplace and

through our global supply chain we provide our customers with top notch product delivered on time.



Founded in 1980 by jewelry designer Joyce Kaplan, OK Originals began as a small domestically manufactured costume jewelry firm catering to specialty boutiques and catalogs in the United States.  Operating mostly through trade shows and word of mouth, the company soon garnered a reputation as the go to source for fast fashion trends.  Current CEO Peter Kaplan joined the company in 1999 to oversee the transition from domestic manufacturing to full importing.



OK Originals produces lines of Women’s and Men’s jewelry, tech accessories, beauty accessories and home decor.   The company produces private label product as well as our in house brand Ella Shea for some of North Americas top retailers.   We are a full service global supplier with design and product teams in New York, sourcing and quality control teams in China, as well as worldwide distribution capabilities. 



In a business where companies come and go, OK Originals has stayed on top by always producing trendy, fashionable, and unique lines of Jewelry.  With sales offices in New York and Los Angeles, today our jewelry is carried by a wide variety of retailers around the world.  Our customers find that OK Originals Ltd.  has the capabilities and contacts to fill any order and the work ethic that always keeps our customer happy and coming back.